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Described as “The World’s New Ozone Layer”, Thermal Glass Coat is a more advanced and importantly a cheaper alternative to retrofit double glazing. Typically Thermal Glass Coat costs up to 50 percent less than double glazing and requires virtually no maintenance.

Thermal Glass Coat specialise in providing an alternative to retrofit double glazing for existing windows. Without the need to replace any parts of the aluminium joinery, Thermal Glass Coat is the smart alternative. And it does not stop there. Anyone with timber joinery in their old villa will know how expensive it is to replace the joinery with either new timber or new aluminium insert windows to suit double glazing.

Wondering why you should choose Thermal Glass Coat?

Harvest daylight and reduce use of artificial lighting.

Reduce air conditioning load.

Increase energy efficiency

Preserve the original specification of glass without any added distortions.

Protect against ultra violet light.

Minimise UV light penetrating your home or building.

Protect furnishings and displays from accelerated colour fading and premature ageing.

Create a cooler environment

Enjoy a cooler and more comfortable living environment

Appreciate the natural clarity of glass

Preserve the original specification of glass without any added distortions.

Crystal clear clarity, day and night – ideal for today’s glass architecture.


Durable and affordable

Have peace of mind – never worry about re installation

Easy and fuss-free maintenance that comes with a 10 year warranty

Easy to apply.

Retrofitting (applied to existing windows)

A coating suitable for retrofitting onto existing windows, Thermal Glass Coat can easily manoeuvre around bolts and joints to provide a seamless finishing. Our skilled application specialists are fully trained to give you the best results.

Curved and Large Glass

Thermal Glass Coat provides a smooth finishing regardless of the contours and curves of the glass. Large glass panes can also be coated without seams – maintaining its natural beauty.