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Our story

Japan leads the world in this super advanced, window insulation Nano Technology. One company dominates this market in Japan with 70% market share, their products are now available in New Zealand through Thermal Glass Coat.

Because of the Fukushima Nuclear Explosion, the people of Japan are determined to lessen their reliance on Nuclear Power. The Japanese Government has been assisting Nano-Technology companies and scientists, to find ways to reduce electricity consumption in city high rise, glass curtain buildings, businesses and homes. Their goal is to reduce and eventually eliminate the need for Nuclear Power. Millions upon millions, has gone into research, and some amazing technology is the result.

One such outcome is Thermal Glass Coat. A liquid insulation coating for glass which is applied (painted on) with a roller. It cures and chemically bonds to the glass surface. It helps keep the Summer heat out and in winter, the warmth generated from heating equipment stays in, massively reducing energy usage. UV and Infrared rays, which damage or fade carpet and furnishings, are also blocked.



21% – 31% of the Heat You Generate Escapes Through Your Windows

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